The Plastic Free Manifesto

It’s very simple and is still a work evolving. Each point will be expanded upon in future articles.The basic Plastic Free Manifesto is:

1.Love your planet.

2.Reject plastic.

3.Reject synthetics.

4.Reject semi-synthetics.

5.Know your enemy.

6.Don’t recycle plastic, synthetics or semi-synthetics.

7.Recycle non plastics, non synthetics and non semi-synthetics

8.Reject false claims.

9.Embrace truth.

10.Encourage natural, pre-plastic alternatives.

11.Embrace ethical, animal and plant products.

12.Compost natural, unaltered items.

13.Embrace less pollutants.

14.Embrace old technology

15.Investigate unaltered natural alternatives.

16.Design without plastic.

17.Encourage others.



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