You Will Be Amazed By This Genuine Plastic Free Example.

Perhaps I am jaded but I find in these strange times I am never immediately convinced of a companies sincerity in eco friendly goals. This opinion has formed over the years I have researched into “eco friendly” attempts that on close inspection are not truely plastic free or just plain “greenwashing”.  Even working towards making things plastic free here at “Plastic Free Manifesto” has its insurmountable days.  I can find amazing plastic free products worldwide but the shipping without plastic proves to be problematic or the shipping is great but the product has plastic.  However my daily belief that many human beings out there want a positive change in the world keeps me looking and finding the most wonderful people who are coming up with their own plastic free solutions and dissolve the jaded attitude pretty quickly.

The story of the 100% Australian owned company Avirida and its founders Bec and Jack happened to catch my eye as I was scrolling up through Facebook one morning. It gave me one of those much needed humanity boosts.  I was so impressed with their claims I wrote to them straight away. I wanted to share their passion with you immediately. I received a quick response and great information from Bec.

Bec and Jack have a rural Australian background (as do I) so immediately I knew we had something in common with a knowledge of the land and nature.  The next major commonality is that they were serious about providing a world free of plastic waste producing  products.  On the cover of their information brochure was this statement:

“Action is the only true measure of ethics”

Which is a powerful bit of truth.

Bec and Jack claimed their range of cosmetic products contained absolutely no plastic what ever.  Okay… I admit I was skeptical until I watched their information videos and read all their information.

Holy smokes!  We have hit pay dirt. A modern company that actually cares what they are manufacturing and sending out into the world until its final end point is reached.

Rather than let me explain it all here are Jack and Bec explaining in their own words.


It thrills me to bits to say that they have a very strong zero plastic mission and are really holding a torch for others to follow.

I asked Bec why they decided to go plastic free “The main reason we went plastic-free is that we realised recycling is a bit of a myth (only about 9% of the world’s recyclable material ends up being recycled). Up until that point, we thought we were doing the right thing by recycling and that there was no real problem using plastic. Once we realised how long our rubbish will continue to exist on earth, we changed our lifestyle to be as zero-waste as possible, and our business reflects these values.”

They are at this writing manufacturing the only Australian produced compostable pots on the market.  They use salvaged logs, weed species, recycled timer or local plantation products depending on their availability and these turn out to be extraordinarily, aesthetically pleasing in the way that nature tends to be .  Consequently their pots are 100% plastic free, reusable, refillable and 100% home compostable. Even their product labeling,  packing paper, shipping boxes(made from recycled supermarket cardboard boxes) and postage labels are plastic free.

But wait…it gets even better.  Every time a customer purchases a product from them a tree gets planted (they have partnered with Trees for the Future and have planted over 6000 new trees so far).

To top things off their cosmetics are made using certified organic ingredients which are made in small batches.  The are completely free of synthetic fragrances, parbens and other nasties.

There are many more wonderful things about their products. I suggest checking out their website at .

I’ve not met either of these people personally nor are they paying me to talk about their products I just wanted to let people of the world know that it is possible to change your mindset about plastic and commerce and these are two of the many bright and brilliant out there doing something positive and effective about a worldwide situation.

Come on world – you are all so capable and able like these two caring people.  If you are inspired with this story write in and let us know or if you know of some more shining stars like Jack and Bec let us at PFM know.  We would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below or write to us on our contact page.

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