We are banning more plastic items in South Australia!

Just a quick few lines about some news for South Australia (PFM’s home base of operations) and an incentive for every other country out there that things can be done about it and change can happen even on a governmental level if you want it.

South Australia has been leading the way in promoting a more plastic free lifestyle for some years and it’s really becoming the way to go. Not only is it a popular and trendy thing to do but it will actually help the planet in the long term.

Here is a video of our local South Australian Minister for the Environment and Water telling you all about it.

So there you go.  Don’t give up folks.  Change can happen if you want it.

Let’s keep working towards a much more plastic free world. Write in an let us know what is happening in your part of the world.  We would love to here from you.

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