Design Students Harness Chitin (nature’s biopolymer marvel)

If you are a big fan of crabs, prawns (shrimp) or lobster dishes you will know that after your battle with peeling each morsel from their brick red exoskeletons you are left with a large pile of “waste”. This waste can be cooked and blended and turned into a tasty bisque but thats not everyones […]

Take the “Your Journey to Plastic Free” Survey

To help yourself and the planet reduce its plastic or go plastic free in some areas we need to know the challenges being faced by individuals and the solutions they have found so we can get this out to more people and make a bigger change – have your say in the matter no matter […]

A once plastic choked river begins to run clear again.

Sean Dudden had seen some things in his life but he just could not bare to see the Somer river running through his town in Midsomer Norton choked to a trickle with a whopping 150kgs plus of waste plastic. Not only that but the acidity level of the river had registered an unacceptable level of […]

How to Drink your Cup of Coffee Plastic Free and Eat it too.

Imagine a take away coffee without the plastic cup. Imagine a coffee cup you could actually eat when you finished your morning cuppa ensuring no more plastic rubbish/trash and if you couldn’t fit another morsel in the cup would compost leaving no Microplastics or particles that nature doesn’t know what to do with. For those […]

A Shining Light for going Plastic Free and Caring for the Environment in Odisha, India.

This is the face of one of Earths shining lights for the future and shine it does. In far away Odisha, India a peaceful revolution is quietly occurring and is being spearheaded by a determined young man Mr Soumya Ranjan Bismal. I came across Soumya in one of the many online facebook groups interested in […]

How to Not be Fooled by “Bio Based Polyethylene” Product Marketing. (It’s Still the Same Plastic, it just Sounds Nicer and Greener).

When someone says to you that their polyethylene bags, etc are bio based and better for the environment, you need to know right now that the plastic produced is no different to petrochemical based polyethylene. What is different is the original age of the substances used to produce them and that bio based polyethylene is […]

How to be a Plastic Free Boss when you Floss

You’ve just eaten a great meal and some time later you notice something stuck between your teeth or you’re just about to head off to bed and you are doing your nightly tooth cleaning ritual. Not everyone flosses but if you do you might want to know a thing or too about that little spool […]

How to Find a Really, Authentic, Genuine Plastic Free Toothbrush.

My husband and I travelled to the Faroe Islands. These are a set of eighteen islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. They are very remote and occupied by families who have been there since the time of the Vikings. We stayed in a very small village at the top of one of […]

The Plastic Free Manifesto

It’s very simple and is still a work evolving. Each point will be expanded upon in future articles.The basic Plastic Free Manifesto is: 1.Love your planet. 2.Reject plastic. 3.Reject synthetics. 4.Reject semi-synthetics. 5.Know your enemy. 6.Don’t recycle plastic, synthetics or semi-synthetics. 7.Recycle non plastics, non synthetics and non semi-synthetics 8.Reject false claims. 9.Embrace truth. 10.Encourage […]

How To Be Amazingly Brave About Wasteful Inflight Plastic

Who doesn’t enjoy the adventure of flight to locations that would otherwise take hours or weeks to visit? I am up there with many eager, Australian jet-setters, only too willing to escape the bonds of our large island. I love visiting far off lands and meeting people who live very different lives to my own. […]