How to Drink your Cup of Coffee Plastic Free and Eat it too.

Imagine a take away coffee without the plastic cup. Imagine a coffee cup you could actually eat when you finished your morning cuppa ensuring no more plastic rubbish/trash and if you couldn’t fit another morsel in the cup would compost leaving no Microplastics or particles that nature doesn’t know what to do with. For those […]

How to Not be Fooled by “Bio Based Polyethylene” Product Marketing. (It’s Still the Same Plastic, it just Sounds Nicer and Greener).

When someone says to you that their polyethylene bags, etc are bio based and better for the environment, you need to know right now that the plastic produced is no different to petrochemical based polyethylene. What is different is the original age of the substances used to produce them and that bio based polyethylene is […]

The Plastic Free Manifesto

It’s very simple and is still a work evolving. Each point will be expanded upon in future articles.The basic Plastic Free Manifesto is: 1.Love your planet. 2.Reject plastic. 3.Reject synthetics. 4.Reject semi-synthetics. 5.Know your enemy. 6.Don’t recycle plastic, synthetics or semi-synthetics. 7.Recycle non plastics, non synthetics and non semi-synthetics 8.Reject false claims. 9.Embrace truth. 10.Encourage […]